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London & Brighton Waterproofing offer a wide variety of services, our key strengths are listed below. Please contact us for further information.


Cavity Membrane – system creates a sealed “cavity” between the wall and the waterproof inner skin. Water still enters the basement but is managed away from the living area by pumps and drainage.

The advantages of Cavity Membranes are quite considerable:

  1. Preparation is minimised.
  2. The system does not try to fight ground water pressure, But allows the penetration and is divert to the sub floor pump, thus leaving a dry room.
  3. Traditional plaster on systems are usually brittle when cured, thus vulnerable to movement, settlement and traffic vibration. The new system is flexible and therefore does not suffer from these problems.
  4. If the system is damaged it is relatively easy to repair the damage without having to renew the whole system, as would normally be done traditional systems.
  5. The strength of any traditional membrane system is between the brickwork and the application of the plaster system. This is a weak point.

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Advantages of cavity drain membrane

One of the main advantages of Platon cavity drain membranes over cementitious systems is that they do not stop water at the point of entry, so hydrostatic pressure is not increased any more than it would be without a waterproofing system.

Cavity drain membranes such as Isola Platon “System Platon” are made of high-density studded polyethylene sheets, which are impervious to water and are vapour proof. When placed against structures the studs form permanent cavities between the structure and the internal shell. They can be used internally or externally to drain and control water & damp ingress.

“System Platon” is not a tanking system. The term “Tanking” originates from the industrial process of lining structures with a waterproof material, which were applied either externally (on the positive side) or internally ( on the negative side). Tanking materials such as multi-coat renders, cementitious waterproofing slurries, asphalt’s and liquid applied bitumen coatings, to name but a few rely on either a mechanical bond directly on to the substrate and work by holding water back. The majority of which are vapour permeable.

Contact us so that we can discuss your project and get a feel requirements, budget and time scale. We will then make an arrangement to visit your project.

We pride ourselves on being professionals and we try to ensure that our service meets our customers requirements.

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All surveys are carried within our main operating area ie within the M25 or within 10 miles of Brighton town centre. We do charge a small fee for surveys outside these areas, however this can be claimed back against any work carried out.